Phood Review: Delicious & Dairy-Free!

Here at herecomesthefood, we’re always on the lookout for new and healthy foods which tantalize our taste-buds. Recently, we have been fortunate enough to get our hands on PlantFusion’s new product called ‘Phood’ – yes, we love the spelling, too! Not only does it taste great, this powder is completely free of common allergens including soy, dairy and gluten. I would highly recommend it as a meal substitute for anyone looking to bolster their current nutrition intake. It’s uses are many and can be added to smoothies or used during food preparation to boost it’s nutritional content. For more information on the product, take a look at this review over at thecleaneatingmama. They also have a review on PlantFusion’s sister-product which is a stand-alone protein powder which you may also want to view here.

My Weight Loss Goals for the Future & How I’ll Achieve Them

Healthy Eating Rocks!I mentioned in my previous post that I was using the 3 Week Diet Program and shared my results thus far. I plan to use this program until I’ve reached my 20lb weight loss goal. I anticipate this will take be between 6-8 weeks. After which I plan on following my own clean-eating philosophy based on natural, whole foods. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a healthy meal and not being able to enjoy it which is why I’ll give myself 1 day every fortnight to forget the rules and eat whatever I want. This is a big step towards not denying myself which will go along way to helping me keep the weight off and staying sane!

I plan to record all of my progress daily in an online food journal and diary. This is a HUGE part of successful weight loss and something that I have struggled with in the past. Hopefully, by getting to incorporate my iPad, as opposed to pen and paper, I’ll do a better job of keeping track of what I eat and be more accountable.

Finally, I’ll no longer have the luxury of enjoying my daily cappuccino from Starbucks. This will not only help me cut-down on calories, but save some money, too.

Remember, take control of your health and weight loss today. You have the tools to help get over the slumps and humps, bringing you right back to your feet. Keep walking forward and don’t ever look back!

The 3 Week Diet Review – My Progress & Thoughts

My 3 Week Diet ReviewHi folks, I just wanted to take time out to share my thoughts on the 3 Week Diet. The program has gained some buzz around the web which prompted me to give it the old college-try. I’m 6 weeks-in and thus far I’ve gotta’ say I’m pretty impressed. I’m down ~17lbs and feeling good. What I like about the program is it’s simplicity. It’s not like a lot of other stuff out there – expensive plans and 100+ page books which do little to clarify what you actually need to do! It’s short, concise and to the point – which I love.

The food selection is great and offers a nice variety to choose from. I eat 3 meals along with a thankful of snacks which keeps me satisfied and full of energy. As for exercise, I hit the gym 3-4 times a week and follow the program’s exercise instructions which do a decent job of keeping it fun and effective. I usually do a combo of weights and cardio for ~40 minutes.

Overall, the program is well worth your time. If you’re thinking of giving it a go (which I encourage), take a look at this 3 Week Diet Review by Leanrunnerbean first. It gives you a nice overview and shows you what to expect. Feel free to let me know how it goes and leave a comment below.