This is an article about three attributes that we may all seek in ourselves and in others. We want it all in the 21C. We do not want to be left behind in any category. Men and women want it all, beauty, brains and balls. If you watch Hollywood films, the gender divide is rapidly shrinking, as kick arse ladies strut their stuff on the world stage. If a female lead does not have her stiletto embedded in the backside of some on-screen baddie by the first product placement shot, you are probably watching an old movie from the 20C. Girls want to have fun and that means being as violent as the boys.

Equality Does Not Mean an Even Playing Field

Equality does not mean an even playing field, it means that what used to be good for the gander is, now, good for the goose. Beauty, brains and balls, and not necessarily in that order, are today’s specials on the cultural menu. Women want to be sexy, when they feel like it, in a masculine kind of way. The old rules no longer apply, just ask Geoffrey Rush and Crain McLachlan. It amazes this social commentator that an actor playing a wild transvestite character in The Rocky Horror Show, can be pilloried in the media for inappropriate verbal chit chat and a kiss. Acting used to be a thoroughly disgraceful profession – what is it now? Wowserism threatens to curtail theatre and comedy in this age of political correctness.

Human Beings Should Stop Torturing Animals

Returning to those beauty, brains and balls, I applaud the beauty industry for, finally, listening to its customers who do not want animals to be tortured and killed via testing their products. It is time that human beings pulled their heads in when it comes to animals. Time to show them some respect and stop abusing them. For more information on a cosmetic brand, available from a quality Australian online retailer, that has a great range of cruelty free beauty products, check these pages out. It takes beauty, brains and balls to instigate changes in the marketplace like this.

Animal Futures

It is interesting to ponder upon where animals will find themselves in 50 years’ time on this planet? Will they still be being eaten by human beings? Will they be treated more equably? Will more violent women join violent men in abusing animals? We will just have to wait and see.