Christmas and the festive season can be a potentially dangerous time for people. The common trends at this time of year involve eating large amounts of food and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. In addition, many among us find ourselves prostrate on the couch for lengthy periods. We may be watching old reruns of Xmas movies made eons ago or the cricket. All of these factors are slow moving or sedentary in nature. Our bodies are stretched from within by too much food and drink, whilst our spines are tasked with supporting that extra weight in a reclining position. The outcome can be strained lower backs from too much couch surfing at Christmas.

Sedentary Lifestyles in the West

The sedentary lifestyle of modern life in the 21C is taking its toll upon us. We shop in supermarkets groaning with food choices. We rarely exert ourselves in the normal course of our days. We move from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned house or shops. Our obese culture staggers from one rich experience to another. After all of this yearly activity we take holidays over the Xmas period, where we become, even more, sedentary and consume hundreds and thousands more calories. Our poor skeletal frames have to cope with holding up these shambolic fat bodies. Couch surfing at Christmas can be dangerous.

Physical Therapy Can Help

Help can be at hand in the form of an osteopath. See here for yourself information about some questions that you may have pertaining to what they do. A good osteopath can repair back injuries and strains, whether caused by Christmas cheer or not. If you find yourself struggling to cope with your lifestyle choices over the festive season, remember that help may be at hand. A visit to a physical therapist can set you on the road to recovery faster than you may well imagine.

Health Tips

Ultimately it is advisable to limit your time on the couch. Get up and go for a walk every other day. Perhaps, choose to leave the car in the garage every now and then. We are big brained monkeys after all and we need to exercise our monkey bodies. We were not born to sit on our behinds. We were born to move on our two legs, for best results in terms of our health and wellbeing. Remember that couch surfing at Christmas can be dangerous and to proceed with caution in your consummation of all those sweets and drinks.