The title of this article may strike you as fairly obvious but it is amazing how often we don’t think about our teeth until we have a problem with them. They sit quietly inside our mouths until we call upon them. They are, generally, impervious to rain, hail and snow. They do not watch a lot of television or stay out late without us. They are the hard bits inside a wet and squashy orifice. They, usually, behave when we are snogging our partners. It is only when we abuse and neglect our dental care that eating is no fun with rotten teeth.

The Persistent Pain of Tooth Ache

I remember the last agonising tooth ache that plagued me for days and nights during a working holiday away relatively recently. This can really spoil a holiday or special event. The nerve endings inside our mouths and jaws can play absolute havoc with the equilibrium of our lives. Pain like you have never known it and it grinds away at you unrelentingly. Eating is no fun with rotten teeth, let me tell you. Dentists stare into the black holes, which are our maws, all the time. I don’t know if it is true about dentists being the second most likely profession of which its members are likely to take their own lives, but I do know about the prolonged pain of persistent tooth aches.

Dental Technology A Big Relief in the 21C

The good news is that dentists have changed quite a bit since my childhood dentist used to soak his dental pliers in carbolic acid. The days of the bow drill and the dental screw forceps are, now, well and truly over. Check out this site for an illustration of the high-tech reality of the modern Sydney dental clinic. I will not miss the Goat’s Foot Extractor or the Oral Speculum. I enjoy the many pain killing options currently available and the prowess of the 21C Australian dentist. I may not revel in the dentist’s bill but I pay it willingly once that debilitating pain has gone.

Look After Your Teeth

As Yul Brynner used to warn about the dangers of smoking, just prior to his death from lung cancer, I admonish all people to take better care of their teeth. Eating is no fun with rotten teeth, my friends. Did you know that tooth decay in children is on the increase? Sugar is the culprit in many people’s opinion and soft drinks are in the cross hairs of concerned parents and government health bodies. The earning of Coke are plummeting here in Australia.