I once wrote a song with the line, “listening to soft murmurings”, in it, and this was a love song of sorts. It was about falling asleep next to your beloved and wondering whether when you awake will the love still be as intensely felt. “If I sleep, will you remember me?” Although, this could be the musings of a lover involved in a one-night stand, it was not originally written to convey that situation. It was about the passionate intimacy of fresh love shared between two people. Have you experienced that kind of love, where you don’t want to go to sleep in case you may lose that divine connection?

Spies & Surveillance Equipment

Unfortunately, listening to soft murmurings, has more sinister connotations in this day and age. Spies and surveillance equipment penetrates parts of life that previously were untouched by such deviousness. Technology has spread its overarching wings to cover our all aspects of society in its 24/7 embrace. The warm breath of a naked lover is no longer the exclusive domain of his or her partner. Their soft murmurings may be recorded for the sneaky listening pleasure of all those who pay for the privilege. Love has become a spectator sport and certain vested interests may have front row seats.

Discover What is What

Peruse this site if you have any doubts about the sanctity of your own abode in Sydney. It is a sad fact of life that much of the trust has gone out of many relationships. Having your environment swept for bugs is no longer, merely, a job for the cleaner or pest eradicator. Discovering what is what can be a life saver and game changer for many. If the rot has set in and you are painting by numbers, then, preparing for a new future may be the safest and most sensible option. A sweep might clear the decks in more ways than one, if you know what I mean. Listening to soft murmurings.

Who Can You Trust?

The world is a very different place from the one I entered decades ago. It is full of short cuts and lacks a moral basis in many instances. Who can you trust? Who is listening in to your private conversations right now? Who is watching you with visual surveillance devices? Privacy in the 21C is an interesting conundrum, when you think about it. Big Brother and all that security stuff. All those cameras everywhere. All those microphones, listening to soft murmurings.