Compensation lawyers are telling clients that Woolworths may well be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation over the sewing needles in strawberries sabotage saga. The first rule in cases like these is to go after the target with the deepest pockets and Woolworths looks the perfect mark in this regard. We live in an era of litigation and the buck stops with Woollies in this instance. The needles were found inside strawberries in punnets sold in Woolworth’s stores in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. One compensation lawyer stated, “If you buy a product, you expect to get what you pay for in good faith. You expect it to be safe and of good quality. When it’s not, that is a breach of contract with the customer.” Sewing needles in strawberries sabotage compensation claims will surface.

Victims in Severe Pain & Hospitalised

Customers are likely to be able to seek compensation for any pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income from not being able to work. At least two victims of the needles have been hospitalised as a result. Eleven people have found needles in their strawberries. People bit down on the needles and swallowed them in some cases. Severe abdominal pain was experienced by several of the victims. Woolworths removed strawberries from its shelves during the sabotage crisis. Woolworths, then, removed, sewing needles from its stores to prevent copycat crimes taking place. Despite these actions it remains likely that victims of this sabotage will be successful in their claims for compensation from Woolworths.

Compensation Claims & Public Liability

The finger has been pointed at a disgruntled former employee of a strawberry growing operation in Queensland. Check out this site for quality information pertaining to compensation law and public liability claims. A 50 YO woman has been charged with seven charges related to inserting strawberries with needles. It makes you wonder what kind of person would do this. That it is a woman should not make any difference in this new gender-neutral era, however, one wonders where we have got to as a nation in the 21C. That someone could be so short sighted as to risk the lives and health of children and other human beings to further their own bitter interests is deeply troubling.

An Icon of Natural Lusciousness

The strawberry has always been an icon of natural lusciousness. A symbol of all that is good in the world, in some ways. Kiddies and grandparents equally adore strawberries, but the red ripe fruit has been sullied. Perhaps, the strawberry should be suing humanity?