It seems that we are all fast becoming gourmands in the 21C, at least here in the wealthy west. The romance of food has many of us spell bound by thoughts of exotic ingredients and delicious sauces. Surely food should be treated as a necessary part of life, like taking a dump. We should all consume our meals like astronauts, merely, thinking about the nutrient quotient within every repast. However, we as human beings love to romance the stone, we turn procreation into a Mills and Boon novel, for example. We read more into every situation and deny the primal imperatives within our lives. The romance of food is simply another illustration of this common delusion.

Food & Sex

The mouth is an orifice, along with several others that we as human beings possess. It is a wet region coated with saliva and containing nerve endings, which feel and taste. Our mouths are the receptacles of food and the by-products of what we sometimes call love. A kiss is a joining of two pairs of lips and, thus, the mouths that come along for the ride. We taste and feel the foods that we consume. The romance of food and sex are undeniably linked in the regions of the brain that they fire.

 Kitchens as Midwives to Great Meals

Lovely meals and delicious dishes are created in kitchens. Kitchens are places full of fire, steam, heat, water, and the appliances that contain these elements. Click here for more on a Sydney kitchen renovation company that understands the importance of good design and craftsmanship. The romance of food is hardly possible without kitchens as midwives to great meals. Everything is linked, when you really think about it. There is a holistic web connecting food, sex, kitchens and being human.

Cooking is Like Making Love

You have to ask yourself if you prefer the unvarnished truth or a little romance. A little poetry in your life to lubricate the process, perhaps?. Cooking is somewhat like making love, in that it involves creativity and hard work. You must use your nerve endings appropriately to derive the utmost satisfaction from your endeavours. Cooking is, probably, a more upright undertaking and benefits more people from its essential activity. Scientists dispel the romance from most matters. Did you know that it is best to turn your grilling steak every 15 seconds? Science can tell you that. Can science tell you what it is like to eat a mouthful of that perfectly cooked flesh?