We’ve got for you the top ten must try food around the world! Food is undoubtedly the heart of every culture. It is an untold element to every story written or unwritten. It is an integral part, an expression of their cultural identity. For centuries people have been bringing their country’s food with them and cook them as traditionally accurate as possible to remind them of where they came from. Below is a selection of top ten must try food around the world from comfort food to pretty food and desserts.


  • Deep-Fried Olives – Italy is known for pasta and pizza but this is one of the best crispy and juicy appetizers to try. Pair with garlic Aioli for best results.
  • Steak and Kidney Pie – Slow cooked to savoury perfection this originally British pie has survived centuries of enjoyment. Must be something special to be loved this long.
  • Biltong – now available in your grocery store, this spiced, dried and cured snack is not exclusive to any kind of meat. It could be made from beef, kangaroo, ostrich or lamb. Compact, convenient and tasty, it could be used as substitute for cooking aside from being ready to munch snacks.Top-Ten-Must-Try-Food-Around-the-World
  • Bicol Express – Cooked with coconut milk, this Philippine dish of spicy pork stew will rightly spice up your taste buds. The soup is creamy yet spicy, it will surprise you and make you want for more.
  • Chlodnik – a cooling Polish beet soup that’s almost pretty because it’s pink that can be prepared the day before and usually served cold. A surprising treat for those warmer months.
  • Pavlova – A favourite Australian meringue based dessert with a soft center and delicate crisp crust is perfect with strawberry or raspberries and whipped cream. However it came to have that name, it’s definitely delicious.
  • Ramen – An iconic Japanese dish, Maruchan ramen is a good base for a healthier, lower sodium ramen alternative. Ramen does not come out of plastic or styrofoam packaging in Japan but toppings does vary from region to region.
  • Paella – Can you just smell the goodness just from a name? Spanish paella does that to me everytime! It’s a mixture of heaven – well actually chicken, shrimp, sausage, saffron rice and potatoes.Top-Ten-Must-Try-Food-Around-the-Worldp
  • Spanakopita – A Greek spinach and feta cheese pie, with scallions, egg with filling wrapped in phyllo, delicious as snack or side dish. It has been delighting the world for almost 400 years.
  • Tom Yum Soup – Thailand’s sour/spicy soup with the fragrant flavours of lemongrass, lime, garlic and chili with optional coconut milk, mushrooms to seal off that flavor.

We eat to live and some live to eat. This top ten must try food around the world is a soon-to-be bucket list we can cross off. Yet more than consumption, food must be an experience. Even if we cannot learn of all the histories in the world, a sampling of their food may give us a glimpse of their past.