You are what you eat, it is an oldie but a true adage. It remains surprising how many people do not realise this. If you eat lots of greasy, fatty, foods, this is what you will become. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. You may be young and able to burn off some of these calories, however, eventually, it will catch up with you. Things like fatty liver disease can debilitate your quality of life and diet plays an enormous part in conditions like these. Think of your body as a vessel, that you wish to journey through life in, and don’t weigh it down with chips, soft drinks, sugar, too many carbohydrates and processed foods. You are what you eat.

Stop Eating Crap & Grow Up

Why would you want to eat this kind of food anyway? Perhaps, as a kid it might be a treat for a while, but everyone needs to grow up, eventually. Eat good food. Eat lots of fruit and vegies. Train yourself to really enjoy better dietary choices. I am not talking about crappy weight loss drinks and rubbish like that, I am talking about real food. Get off your fat arse and start making your own meals. I don’t care what gender you are, everyone has a responsibility to be able to feed themselves properly. If you are relying on other people to prepare meals for you, you are an idiot.

No Excuse for Ignorance About Diet & Wellbeing in the 21C

You are what you eat. You can supplement your diet with some healthy herbal remedies, but, ultimately, it is down to you to work out what your body really wants. Go beyond comfort foods and fast food crap to discover what your physiology performs best on. Check this out for the low down on foods that clean you out and get you ready for the good stuff. The information about health and wellbeing is all around you, there is no excuse for being ignorant about what you put into your body and the ramifications.

Life Can Be Short & Trashy or Long, Lean & Graceful

Life can be short and trashy or it can be long, lean and graceful – what kind of life are you living? Stupid people eat other people’s food all the time. If you cannot cook you are a moron. You are missing out on all the good stuff. Commercially produced processed foods are made to make money, not to make nutritious food. You are what you eat.